Monday to Friday BULK Menu Starts Monday September 29 2022

Every Monday morning Alfred 2.0 is going to start posting a new menu for that week, With our suppliers menus changing inventory so frequently and the unrealistic desire to stock EVERYTHING… We’ve had to sit on the drawing boards for a little bit and really think things through…

Monday’s list(s) will based on the top cost to acquire and will be on a first come first serve basis. As more tag in, we will be able to reach larger numbers therefore lowering the costs on the end members. Monday’s list(s) will stay posted until Friday, finalize organization will take place on Saturday’s & Sunday’s with the drop happening first thing Monday morning every week 😉

This is slightly complicated but also super simple if done in an organized fashion ❤

Stay tuned #CannaFam❤ (More information coming SOON)

Daily drops will continue to happen on site, this is something else that is being developed 😉

As always, your comments, positive or negative are appreciated.